Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sono Time!

Today was the big day. Ever since our last doctor's visit, I can't speak for Kristi, but the wait until this one has seemed like the longest. Other than watching Kristi's shape change daily, it is still hard to imagine that a whole person is hiding in there!

I slept pretty well and when I woke up Kristi was already wide awake, it was 6am, this never happens :)

As we waited in the doctor's office waiting room I was pretty excited, ok, I was really excited. Once we went in we asked if it would be okay to take pictures during the Sono, and our Tech, was very nice, but declined due to some "other soon to be dad" who went shutter crazy and took over 50 photos with his flash on the whole time. She said it made it hard for her to take all her measurements. Which brought me back to reality that this wasn't just a "for fun" picture/video show for us and baby, there is actually serious stuff going on here!

She asked us if we "wanted to know, or are we waiting", which was great cause Kristi and I were so excited for this to happen that we forgot to mention it! We told her that we wanted to be surprised, and she was realy great about it.

Ladies and Gentleman, alow me to introduce to you our Little Lew :) I was told before from many other dads that this will be a pretty amazing day...they were right-absolutely life changing. It's difficult for me to put into words the pride/wonder/amazement/awe that I'm going through right now. Those who have kids are smiling and nodding in agreement, and those who don't yet, just wait, this is awesome :)

This is one of my favorite poses from today, we are either flexing like a big boy or we are working on our pirouettes like a pretty princess. You be the judge.

These are feet! They are pretty. I hope Little Lew has Kristi's Feet - mine are flat and Fred Flinstone-ish.
This one still give me goosebumps, this is a view looking directly at Little Lew's face. Laying on its side, you can make out the nose, eyelids, brow, lips. This was really cool. Although this is a still shot, I was not expecting to be able to see the baby punch and flex and move around, wow, that was amazing.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tummy Exposure!!!

Here we are showing off Krist's Tummy Transformation. Tomorrow is a big day, we finally get to go back to the doctor's and see our Little Lew squiggle and shake in mommy's belly. As you can see we have a grower in there! We will be back soon with some pics of Little Lew and maybe even some video! We'll see if the doctors let us tape.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I want to introduce everyone to our new addition! We couldn't be happier and Kristi is doing great.These photos are at 8 weeks. Our 20 week Sono is coming up in a few weeks and we will definitely be posting those as soon as we get them.
The home renovations have taken on a whole new pace, as we rush to prepare our "nest", so both Kristi and I are tired, her more so than me :) but things are really coming together.
We are planning on NOT finding out if we are having a boy or a girl until delivery. Life offers so few surprises anymore that we decided to be "old-fashioned" and meet our little boy or girl in February. While it may sound totally cliche we are hoping for "healthy" and will be the proudest and most excited parents either way. Anyway, Green-Brown--Yellow are totally "in" colors these days :)
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