Saturday, January 9, 2010

36 Weeks and about to Pop!

All is well, Kristi and Baby are pretty much done with this whole "blessing". At least Kristi is, that's for sure. Doc said that we are right on track, measuring fine and at the point that they won't stop us if Baby Lew decides to make an early appearance. Bags are all packed, car seat installed, so we are pretty much at a go. Just wanted to post some bellie pics up. Every night is kinda funny, same conversation, different day. Goes a little something like this.

Nightly Dialogue for pretty much the last three weeks:

Kristi - Holy Crap, in less time then it took to get from Thanksgiving to Christmas we are gonna be parents!
Mateusz - Holy Crap, I know. So you think we are ready?
Kristi - I think so? What do you think?
Mateusz - Did we keep the receipt? How long till we have to keep it for good?
Kristi - (in near tears) This is not a time to be joking!
Mateusz - (preparing for the future) I'm sorry Sweetie, your right.
(Awkward silence and grimaces from Kristi till I make her laugh again) - Silly Hormones

-The End-

Here are the most recent pics.

Take care all --- News could be coming SOON!!!

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  1. Great post. Kristi is looking so good.

    Mateusz, when it is time to go to the hospital, don't forget to take Kristi. More seriously, take your time when you get out of the car. Take the time to take her arm and gently lead her into the hospital. Don't do like I did, walk off and wonder why she couldn't keep up, twice.

    Our love to you both. You will do fine as parents. There are no instruction books. Just remember, you gotta love 'em and keep the faith.

    If you care for other pieces of advice, I am this close.